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Engaging The Wisdom Within

How can you engage more deeply with your Divine Self? By trusting and engaging with our intuitive messages, we forge a deeper connection to the wisest part of ourselves. It’s kind of like if you hired a consultant who was an expert in their field. You ask them to advise you, but all of their advice does no good at… Read more →

Finding Emotional Balance

How can we connect with and observe our emotions from an instinctual/intuitive viewpoint? Many of us are involved in some kind of emotional imbalance, or at least have been in the past. We are classically either over-emotional, where the emotions we go through overwhelm our lives and make it difficult to move forward; or we are under-emotional, where we are… Read more →

Live Into The Answers

Sometimes, we are faced with a period of great change in our lives, and, when it is all said and done, we just have no idea what to do next! It’s in times like these that we can push so hard to connect to our intuition that we may actually shut it down. It’s challenging to stay open to that… Read more →

Find Your Truth About Love

What are your beliefs about love? Do you believe that love is a feeling that can only transpire between two people who are well acquainted, close friends, family members, or even only between two people who are in a committed relationship? Do you believe that love is something that must be earned? Or that love should only be extended to… Read more →